Handmarc LLC – What We Do

Handmarc helps mid-sized companies generate the best value from their IT’s internal and external suppliers.  We solve problems for organizations with challenges in managing software licenses, vendor management and IT governance by providing expertise and leadership to respond to unplanned events and minimize the disruptive impact they can have on daily operations.  Handmarc helps CIOs and business leaders increase their effectiveness in today’s demanding IT environment. 

Problem-Solving Services

We provide services to unlock value in the Vendor Management and IT process areas when your experts are already committed.  Handmarc offers short term help for:

  • True-ups – annual license true-ups
  • Agreements – negotiating enterprise agreements
  • Audits – responding to software license compliance audits
  • Assessments – SAM and other IT process and maturity assessments

More broadly, we can assist in these areas:

Quick Reaction Services – Software Licensing and Compliance

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Services to address challenges around software publishers and cloud providers –  

    • Responding to a software license compliance audit
    • Performing a true-up
    • Analyzing the true cost of subscription models
    • Performing a SAM Assessment (software asset management)

Creating Foundations – Software Contracts

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Services that provide negotiation support for agreements with software publishers and cloud providers –  

  ○  Negotiating a new enterprise license agreement or renewal 

  ○  Negotiating a cloud contract (SaaS, PaaS, etc.) while accounting for cloud-specific risk factors 

  ○  Advising on IT Managed Services agreements 

  ○  Assessing supplier risk and mitigation options 

Establishing Good Governance – IT Managed Services Support

Focusing on the IT organization’s partnership with service providers – 

  • Managing service transition
  • Refining performance management metrics
  • Improving service delivery through better governance, scorecards, and service design innovation 

Raising the Value to Business – IT Process Improvement

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Services to improve IT outcomes – the way IT “gets done” – 

  ○  Establishing Project Portfolio Management (PPM) 

  ○  Improving governance structures 

  ○  Conducting an IT process assessment (SWOT)

  ○  Implementing a Software Asset Management (SAM) function


Why use Handmarc?

Handmarc brings experience with software licensing and enterprise agreement negotiation to the needs of mid-market companies.  Each client is a unique entity with a distinct character – we provide individual attention to the particular business and operational needs, structure and constraints of your organization.  Handmarc will work with you and take an advisory or a direct role in achieving a specific goal or to establish or improve a process. 

Handmarc subscribes to industry news and research services, participates in industry forums and attends major conferences.  Recent events include the Gartner IT Summits for IT Financial, Procurement & Asset Management and on IT Sourcing and Strategic Vendor Relationships.  We maintain relationships with important software publishers and leading VARs, and we have contacts with several law firms having expertise in software licensing, intellectual property, and IT product and services contracts.  Handmarc staff have current credentials in agile software development and software asset management (SAM).