Alliances, Partners and Collaboration

Handmarc, on a case by case basis, is open to collaborating on joint ventures, teaming agreements involving shared risk, and to sub-contracting arrangements with other professional services firms. 


To provide special expertise and additional capacity Handmarc uses non-employee associates for specific projects. 

Our Partners and Collaborators

Handmarc has informal and formal relationships with other firms that provide complementary services to those we offer. Some provide similar services but have special expertise with publishers Handmarc does not cover, while others provide IT services in related areas.

Handmarc maintains contacts with several law firms having expertise in software licensing, intellectual property, and IT product and services contracts including ITSM agreements. 


Financial Disclosure

Handmarc may resell products, tools and services related to or supporting the services we provide.  However, we do not accept commissions, compensation, fees, or any other type of financial or non-financial reward from any publishers or vendors with whom we negotiate or might reasonably expect to negotiate, nor engage in any activities that could create a significant conflict of interest in performing services for our clients.