IT Process Improvement for Increased Business Value

Handmarc’s IT Process Improvement services are focused on enabling IT to become a valued partner to its business clients in the realization and improvement of their products and services by delivering superior IT services and outcomes. 

Project Portfolio Management 

Project Portfolio Management (PPM) process

As IT leaders embrace the need to establish IT as an active partner and enabler of the business, organizations are increasingly turning to Project Portfolio Management (PPM).  When implemented effectively, PPM creates a governance structure across both business and IT stakeholders that ensures IT’s work is both responsive to rapidly changing business needs and aligns with current business imperatives and emerging strategies.  PPM enables the most valuable ideas and pressing projects to be assigned the necessary resources to achieve successful business outcomes. Read more about Implementing Project Portfolio Management in our sales brief. 

IT Process Improvement 

Handmarc can provide the benefit of many years’ experience in improving IT processes to your organization and its business partners.  We have expertise in software development practices, project and program management, demand and resource management, enterprise PMOs, and benefits realization. 

Aligning Governance Structures 

Whether or not PPM is right for your company, Handmarc can advise on IT governance at both macro and micro levels.  Effective organizations make decisions at the lowest level that makes sense – they grant authority to individuals who understand the details on the ground, can act quickly, and who have a vested interest in the outcome.  Higher levels provide checks and balances, ensure adequate funding, and handle broader needs such as cross-organizational integration. 

Implementing Software Asset Management

The first step in implementing Software Asset Management is to assess current processes and understand what is important to the organization – which benefits of SAM are most important for the implementation to achieve?  Answers to these questions are key outcomes of a SOM Assessment.  With these in hand we will work with you to craft and execute an implementation plan, including changes to policy, documented processes, defined operational metrics, and a communications program, to stand up a formal Software Asset Management function focused on the priorities of your company.

Process Assessments 

Handmarc works with your teams to review processes, pin-point where they are breaking down and identify opportunities to improve their effectiveness or efficiency.  The assessment documents the strengths and weakness of the current process(s), summarizes major threats to the current mode of operation and considers opportunities to change processes in ways that lower cost, broaden scope, or otherwise improve outcomes.  Such assessments can be a jumping-off point for initiating an improvement program to design and implement changes, such as streamlining, raising quality, or restructuring processes and shifting accountability. 

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